Can I get high using Dazey Hemp Skincare Products?

Have you often wondered why Hemp and Cannabis look like the same exact plant? A dear friend of mine once informed me that she could not use my Hemp products because she has to take drug test. I was first confused by this statement. It was then that I realized this was going to be a journey of educating people about Hemp. You see my friend thought that because there was the LEAF on my jars that she could not use my products. I am happy to announce that anyone can use Dazey Hemp.  Hemp is not the same thing as Cannabis (Marajuana). I often explain to people using corn as an example. Corn and Soy look alike but are very different indeed. While it is true so much information about Hemp has been hidden away for a long time. The truth is there is nothing about HEMP that is bad. It does not get you high. What does Hemp do? Well, my answer would be EVERYTHING!

Hemp fibers and stalks are used in clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, skin care and my favorite of all of these NUTRITION!

There is no other plant on this amazing planet that has the same nutritional value as Hemp Seeds.  In my family we eat Hemp Seeds in everything. We love the taste and texture.

If anyone out there has been confused about the difference between Hemp and Cannabis. You can learn much more from The National Hemp Association website.

Place your orders today at for beautiful glowing skin.



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